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Establishing a Pest Free Environment for your Business’ Employees and Customers!

In order to uphold your company’s reputation, it is necessary to safeguard your business from pest infestations. At Global Rodent & Pest Services, we understand your need to be inviting to new customers and keep your current clients coming back. At Global Rodent & Pest Services, our commercial pest control technicians are equipped to service any type of business, including warehouses, offices, food handling facilities, hotels, medical establishments, learning institutions and just about any other field. We offer year round treatment procedures guided by pests’ specific life cycles. Our expert commercial pest management services are designed to ensure that your company remains hospitable for current clients, potential customers, employees and visitors.

Skilled Pest Control Techs

Global Rodent & Pest Services has a skilled, professional and trained commercial division that provides effective pest service to businesses and commercial buildings. Some of the most inviting places for a pest infestation are offices as pests thrive in an environment that readily provides food, water and shelter. All three of these pest necessities can easily be found in an office break room or cafeteria. A good first impression will never be made when there are pests like cockroaches and rodents scurrying around your business. Contact Global Rodent & Pest Services today to ensure your public image remains a stellar one!

Business Access Points for Pests

Insects gain entry into your business similar to how they gain access into your home. It could be as simple as crawling past the front doors, in through an open window or via holes and cracks in the exterior of buildings. A commercial property has many more air vents and other crevices that an insect can easily pass through. Almost any pest can fly or crawl into your building and become a menace. Cockroaches can be carried in via cardboard boxes, fruit flies can be brought in from an employee’s lunch and mice can squeeze through holes or even under doors.

Pest Free is the Formula for Employee Productivity

Even worse than your employees hearing that your building is experiencing some type of pest infestation or rodent problem is seeing it for themselves. A healthy, pest free environment makes for happy employees and productive employees. If your staff is constantly worrying about having a cockroach run across their feet, being bit by a spider or ants eating their packed lunch, the productivity of your office will come to an absolute halt. Some pests even pose dangerous health risks with the bacteria they spread. If you own or manage a business in California, it is a wise decision to call Global Rodent & Pest Services for your commercial pest control needs!

Professional Commercial Pest Control

Global Rodent & Pest Services offers attentive commercial pest control service. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your business or office building at a time convenient for you and your staff. We will proactively look for any sign of a pest infestation and rodent problem. An office building provides a large number of hiding places for rodents and insects to find refuge in but Global Rodent & Pest Services will ensure that pest threats are identified and exterminated in a prompt, professional manner.

If you have a current pest problem at your business and need a professional pest management team you can rely on, contact us and schedule an in-person inspection today.

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