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Bird Trapping

Pigeons, or rock doves, are sometimes referred to as 'flying rats'. They are similar to rats in that they are filthy, they spread disease, they are prolific, and they have adapted well to urban living. Pigeons are persistent birds, and once they find a location that they like, these creatures of habit will go to a lot of trouble to stay. They are also social creatures; rarely will you find one alone.

Pigeons become a problem when they take over areas inhabited by humans. They are not afraid of people and will approach repeatedly for handouts, which quickly grows tiresome. They defecate freely, leaving messes on sidewalks, buildings, cars, statues, and rooftops, and clogging roof drains and ventilation systems with feathers and feces. Not only are pigeon droppings and feathers unsightly, they also spread disease and parasites, such as fleas.
I did a pest bird removal project for a local school with a long-standing pigeon problem; the main body of the infestation was located on the roof right by the air handlers. Smells and bacteria from the birds had been sucked through the ventilation system for a long time, yet school officials had let the problem go on because they thought there was nothing you could do to get rid of pigeons. I rid that school and many others of pest doves--my methods work! I have live-trapped hundreds and hundreds of pest birds; it is absolutely a solvable, manageable problem.

Problems caused by Pigeons

  • Droppings and feathers
  • Pigeon diseases: Histoplasmosis, salmonella, pseudo-tuberculosis, West Nile Virus
  • Parasites: fleas, ticks, mites
  • Annoying begging
  • Prolific (one pair of pigeons can fill the nest with babies 5 times in a year)
  • Contaminate food
  • Clog ventilation systems, air handlers/air vents, contaminating the air and restricting flow
  • Clog roofing drains, causing structural damage or even collapse
  • Damage to commercial and rooftop machinery (ie. A/C)

For proper dove control, you need the right equipment. Sometimes people put up spikes or netting or a fake owl, thinking that will solve the problem. These methods cause only a minor inconvenience to pigeons; the birds will almost always find a way around them. It is similar to when a person gets locked out of his house-eventually he will find a way back in.

When Global Rodent and Pest Control remove pigeons we use the right traps and proper bait. Complete pigeon trapping usually takes several weeks, and the procedure may need to be repeated a few times throughout the year. In some cases, we offer maintenance contracts to remove the birds on an ongoing basis, keeping their numbers to a manageable level.
Don't put up with nuisance birds any longer!

If you choose to ignore the doves or fail to take measures against them they will multiply and spread, damaging other buildings in the area. Rather than let the populations grow unchecked, neighboring home owners or business owners often choose to co-op in solving an area pigeon problem together. If the birds bother the community, sometimes everyone will pitch in toward a solution.

Your inconsiderate neighbors who feed pigeons may not want to become involved in a pigeon solution; if this is the case, we can still help. My pest bird removal specialists are able to trap birds several hundred yards removed from the heart of the problem. For example, we received a request from a local businessman to trap and exterminate pigeons in his area. Employees of a neighboring business were feeding the birds, exacerbating the problem. We were able to set our traps quietly and unobtrusively on his property, and within a few weeks the pest pigeons that were primarily on the other person's property were captured and removed.

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Pigeon Problems
Pigeon Problems

What NOT to do

  • Feed the pigeons
  • Handle the feathers and waste without a respirator
  • Expect spikes to provide complete success
  • Rely on netting to solve the entire problem
  • Use an artificial owl or other predator to try to scare them
  • Wait for them to go away
  • Expect the Health Department or other government agency to help you