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Bed bug problems have unfortunately become more and more common throughout our California communities. Its quite easy to pick up a bed bug hitch-hiker while traveling on business or vacation. Once inside your home, they will quickly find a host to feed on and will begin to reproduce. If you suspect bed bug trouble, call Global Rodent & Pest Services to schedule a thorough bed bug inspection today.

Bed Bug Inspections

Being able to visually inspect a room for bed bugs can take a trained eye. Knowing what to look for and how to find them is a skill that is not easily learned. Knowing the habits of bed bugs and what their normal activities are is the best start. All effective bed bug control begins with a thorough inspection.

Bed Bug Pesticide Treatments

Global Rodent & Pest Services’ traditional pesticide treatment is an effective method in treating bed bugs. The fast-acting insecticide is used eliminate bed bugs and stop them from spreading.

Thermal Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs

Global Bed Bug Exterminators applies thermal treatment in many instances where it is more effective. With specially engineered equipment, the room temperatures are highly elevated to scorching temperatures that bed bugs cannot survive. The heat treatments are not only effective on bed bugs in all cycles of their life, but the thermal procedure can wipe out bed bug eggs as well. Prior to treatment, any items sensitive to heat should be removed.

The Bed Bug Professionals

Our experienced bed bug technicians at Global Rodent & Pest Services are trained to look for and inspect any kind of property for the presence of possible bed bug infestations. You always want to have a reliable company inspect your home because if they don’t do a complete job, it can leave you with a severe infestation that could have been prevented. Global Rodent & Pest Services has a specialized bed bug inspection process to be sure that we don’t miss any possible problems. We know what to look for and how to determine if you have an infestation. Once you have had an inspection that confirms the presence the bed bugs, you will want to act quickly. Call us to schedule an inspection and start a treatment plan immediately if necessary to eliminate these devastating pests.

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